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Newts unveil 2021 Major Edition Jersey

Updated: May 1, 2021

NEW CARLISLE - The New Carlisle Newts have unveiled their 2021 Major Edition jersey which will be worn for both major tournaments this summer.

The special edition jersey is usually exclusive to The Wiffle®Ball Championship at Hometown Days, however with the World Wiffle®Ball Championship set to take place after Hometown Days this year, the jersey was designed with both tournaments in mind.

The lime green jersey with bright orange pays tribute to the original colors of the Newts franchise in the old Snow Football League days. Pink was added as an accent color after the popularity of the 2019 Championship 90's themed uniform.

This year's Major Edition steals some of that 90's vibe with a graffiti style "NEWTS" script across the front. Additionally, the nameplate on the back of the jersey is the same as the 2019 version and is meant to represent a great crested newt.

The front of the jersey features a unique newt character swinging a wiffle bat. The newt may or may not represent the steroid era of Major League Baseball with Cubs legend Sammy Sosa serving as inspiration.

The sleeve design mixes a few elements, most notably an outline of the cupola of the Old Republic. Inside the cupola is the iconic Newts secondary logo.

With the Newts maintaining the same ORWBL jersey set from 2020, the Major Edition will almost certainly be the franchise's submission for the National Wiffle Jersey of the Year consideration in the fall.

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