One of the nation's landmark wiffleball parks, Migley Field is home to the New Carlisle Newts.  Built in 2006, the park has played host to twelve Old Republic Wiffle Ball League seasons.

Inside Migley Field

Migley Field has been the showcase venue for the league, as it has hosted all 12 ORWBL All-Star Games (2007-2018). Seven ORWBL World Series have been played at Migley Field (2008, 2009, 2013-2017). The hometown Newts clinched their first title in 2013 at the ballpark, defeating the Maple City Magic, 18-12, in Game 6.


Outside of the ORWBL, the ballpark has hosted the Hometown Cup Finals of The Wiffle Ball Championship since 2006. Like its major league counterpart, it also has a history of football, with Snow Football League games being played from 2007-2010.


On June 12, 2007, the first night game in league history was played at Migley Field. The Newts completed a sweep of then National League rival Cornhole. Temporary lights are used for one night series each season, but day wiffleball is preferred.


The ballpark was built as a tribute to Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs. The name comes from combining "Mini" and "Wrigley" to form "Migley." The main features are replicas of the famous red marquee sign and manually operated scoreboard.


Atop the scoreboard, the flags of the ORWBL's teams are flown to show the current standings. At the conclusion of a game at Migley, a win or loss flag is flown to alert Migleyville residents of the day's outcome.


In recent years, banners have been added recognizing the Newts league and major tournament championships.


Ivy was planted in 2007 and continues to grow up the chain-link fence.


Due to its location on a corner in a residential neighborhood and the Newts strong following, walk-up crowds often exceeded the original capacity of 16. Prior to the 2013 season, the capacity was increased to 40, as a 24-seat grandstand was built on the first base side.


The ORWBL attendance record was set in 2009, when a crowd of 25 took in a night game between the Newts and the crosstown Pterodactyls. That record was broken on July 17, 2011, when 49 fans attended the Newts series with the Wills Township Federalists.


Since then, crowds have routinely exceeded 40, particularly for night games and postseason matchups. The largest crowd in the ballpark's history came in 2017 when 310 fans turned out for the Hometown Cup Finals.

Ballpark Facts and Figures

Built: 2006

Original Construction Cost: $150

First ORWBL Game: June 3, 2007


Seating Capacity: 40

  • Box Seats: 8

  • Grandstand: 24

  • Bleachers: 8


Outfield Dimensions

  • Left Field: 95 feet

  • Left-Center Field: 98 feet

  • Center Field: 100 feet

  • Right-Center Field 98 feet

  • Right Field: 93 feet


Height of Fence

  • Outfield: 4 feet

  • Backstop: 3 feet


Why Migley?

Long before the park was built, Newts legend Garrett Curless would refer to the t-ball field in New Carlisle (now known as The Palace) as "Migley," a combination of "Mini" and Wrigley." The name inspired the concept of a new ballpark, built in tribute to the famous home of the Chicago Cubs.