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Night Wiffle®Ball

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

With Migley Field located in a residential neighborhood, Day Wiffle®Ball has always been the preference. Most Newts games are scheduled for the traditional 1:20pm start time or are played in the early evening.

However, over the years exceptions have been made for special night series, typically played on Saturdays before the usual ORWBL Sunday slate. The first night game in Migley Field history, and ORWBL history, was played on June 12, 2007. New Carlisle swept Cornhole in the series, with Matt Flagg providing late game heroics on a walk-off home run.

Since the first series, the News haven't seen as much success under the lights. New Carlisle is only 12-12 all-time during home night games. Nevertheless, night games at Migley Field are usually a spectacle. Every night game has seen a standing room only crowd and often receives heavy coverage in the media.

An annual night series was scheduled from 2009 through 2013. The tradition was revived on June 3, 2017 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first ORWBL series played.

Night Series Results

2007: Newts 3, Cornhole 0

2009: Pterodactyls 2, Newts 1

2010: Emery's Army 2, Newts 1

2011: Banana Slugs 2, Newts 1

2012: Newts 2, Emery's Army 1

2013: Magic 3, Newts 0

​2017: Mechanics 2, Newts 1

2021: Newts 3, Leprechauns 0

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