Newts unveil new logo

NEW CARLISLE - The New Carlisle Newts have unveiled a new logo to represent the franchise heading into the 2018 season and beyond. The logo will be phased in as the new primary mark for the team.

The objective of the new logo is to give the franchise a mark that is completely unique and original to the club. The logo features an angry newt climbing atop a monogram NC. It was a high priority to add an "NC" logo to the set. A nod to the hometown's history, the monogram is actually the same NC used by the former New Carlisle High School, which closed in 1969.

Since 2009, the Newts have utilized a primary logo based on the New York Mets. The WIFFLE® ball depicting the New Carlisle skyline has undergone various upgrades over the years, but has remained an enduring symbol of the franchise. It will be retired and used only for special events and throwback uniforms.

In 2012, the team adopted an alternate logo inspired by the Chicago Cubs alternate logo of the 1980s. The "frog-face" newt has become one of the most iconic logos in the sport.

While the aforementioned logos are the only official marks of the club, the team began an MLB logo project in 2013 re-imagining all 30 Major League identities as the Newts. The best of these logos are being used to create the team's ORWBL jerseys year-by-year. The team will continue to re-evaluate the logo project make upgrades when possible.

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