Newts unveil jerseys for The Wiffleball Championship

NEW CARLISLE - As one of the strongest brands in the sport, the New Carlisle Newts have always taken great pride in their uniform designs. The Newts are known throughout the wiffleball world for their multiple looks, featuring the famous green and orange combination.

This year for The Wiffleball Championship, New Carlisle may have topped them all.

The Newts unveiled this year's Hometown Days jerseys, a charcoal gray base with green and orange newt spots throughout the shoulder area.

The jersey also features the NEWTS script with matching font for the jersey number. The franchise's iconic alternate logo, the "frog face" is displayed on the back collar.

Much like last year's Hometown Days design, the skyline of New Carlisle is sublimated on the back of the jersey.

This year's jersey also features a memorial patch, the #8 Superman shield, in memory of franchise legend Kaylor Keck.

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